Acne- Does What We Eat Make A Difference?

Acne- Does What We Eat Make A Difference?

In efforts to find cures for acne, and ways to stop people from getting it at all, the medical world is not only investigating different acne remedies, but looking into what causes it as well. As part of this ongoing research, doctors are looking into different food groups and specific foods, to try to see if the food we eat has anything at all to do with the formation of acne.

Acne and Food

It is a commonly held belief that acne becomes more pronounced if you eat chocolate. It is also said that eating oily food will make a person have oily skin, which then is prone to develop acne. While there has not been a lot of conclusive evidence to back up these theories, there are some constants when it comes to acne that does seem to be true in most cases. For example, doctors have found that increased stress levels will aggravate acne breakouts. Another common factor in who gets acne and who does not is the genetic connection. This helps to explain in part why some teenagers get acne, while others who are the exact same age, do not. Both have the same hormones coursing through their body, both are at the age when acne is potentially at its worst, yet only one gets it. Some teenagers, actually, end up having acne breakouts even into their adulthood.

Tracing the Acne and Food Connection

While it has not been clearly established that certain foods cause bad acne, there may still be a connection in some cases. This does not mean that chocolate causes acne in all teens, or in all who are prone to getting acne. But it could mean that a specific food causes your body to react with an acne flair up. In order to track this, and see if there are any connections between what you eat and acne, you should keep a log of what you eat and what the result on your acne is. It does not have to be too detailed, but keeping track in this way may help you to learn what foods to avoid.