Worksite Exercise Programs – Committees and Opportunities.

Worksite Exercise Programs – Committees and Opportunities.

Workplace Exercise Programs – Forming an Employee Committee

Even though support from the top is critical to a successful program, support from other staff members is also important.

Once you have the go-ahead from management, identify others who are interested in the project and form a committee to help determine the next steps.

Depending on the size of your worksite and the amount of staff time management is willing to contribute, this committee may be advisory or may plan and carry out the wellness program.

The committee could include workers from human resources (HR), occupational health and safety and finance. It’s also a good idea to involve staff from other areas who have an interest in promoting physical activity.

Terms of reference will define the boundaries of the project. for instance, it’s important for the committee to have obviously defined and understood tasks. Possible tasks include the following -

o Evaluating your workplace environment

o Implementing an employee interest survey.

o Creating a mission statement and goals and goals.

o Writing a exercise or wellness policy declaring the organization’s commitment to exercise.

o Brainstorming health promotion program ideas.

o Promoting, communicating and marketing and advertising the program.

o Coordinating specific activities.

o Determining how the health promotion program are going to be evaluated.

o Continually analyzing what’s or isn’t working and adjusting the plan.

Before you make plans to encourage exercise during the workday, it’s crucial that you find out what is “doable” in your worksite.

You do not want to increase employee expectations by offering something that’s impossible due to funding or space limits.

For instance, it is not realistic to suggest putting in a workout facility if there’s no room for it. be open, notwithstanding, to creative ways around limitations.

Workplace Exercise Programs – Finding out What’s Possible in Your Workplace

Talk with recreation departments or fitness facilities for maps of the local walking trails or underground pedways. Great walking trails might be right around the block from your workplace.

Below are some questions to help you assess your worksite -

o What facilities or opportunities does your work space offer that make it easier to be physically active during the workday? for instance, do you have stairs, bike racks, showers, space for a exercise facility, factory walking lanes?

o What nearby facilities or opportunities could staff use to be more physically active during the workday? Are you close to sidewalks, walking trails, community centers, bicycle lanes for active commuting and/or exercise facilities?

o What resources are available?

o can the initiative access funds, personnel, space, equipment, facilities?

o What’s the structure of your corporation? for example, consider staff size, working hours, number of sites, unusual shifts, length of lunch breaks and ability to use flex time.